Truth or Dare?

Not me. Not me. Not me. She prayed. She watched the bottle fastidiously as it made its rounds like a clock on fast forward. What will they ask me or what would I have to do? The fear running through her like adrenaline kept her on high alert as if ready for battle. Every time … More Truth or Dare?

Stranger Danger

A lifetime of adventure in a single day… My legs were sore from sitting for 8 hours straight in a cramped space. Getting up felt shaky and unusual as if my legs had never stood on its own two feet. I marched in place for a bit to remind myself of what walking really meant; … More Stranger Danger

Everyone Sees Me

Have you ever noticed that everyone is saying something to the world even when they’re not? Well take a look next time you take a walk because today on Toronto’s very busy Yonge Street I took a 20 minute stroll and found that everyone was saying something to me. Everyone. The kids waiting for the … More Everyone Sees Me