Everyone Sees Me

Have you ever noticed that everyone is saying something to the world even when they’re not? Well take a look next time you take a walk because today on Toronto’s very busy Yonge Street I took a 20 minute stroll and found that everyone was saying something to me. Everyone.

The kids waiting for the parade were telling me how excited they were to see Santa Claus. The anticipation on their faces was as clear as this day. And their happy dances and carefree attitude told me that they were just enjoying being alive.

The woman with her bright neon Nike shoes told me that she’s a runner. The kids who were jogging to keep up with their parents told me that their parents were in some sort of a rush.

The grandma who stood at the lights with her tummy so far out as if someone had kicked her backside told me that she’d given up on herself. But the mini fashionistas told me they had just started to take notice of themselves in the mirror.

Then there were the couples: ones that literally LOL-ed; ones that remained in silence; ones that showed casual liking of each other; and ones that were shy in love. All betrayed their relationship status without being friends with me on Facebook.

However, the individuals were probably the most obvious. I don’t think they knew it but I could read them like a page from their diary. There were those who walked in worry. Those in fear. Those who carried the uncertainty of old age in every step and those who were dripping with swag. But never did I see an individual with a smile on their face. Each too occupied in the thoughts of their own head or those in their phones who couldn’t even look up to see me putting a label on them.

But the most intriguing one of all was the homeless person who seemed skeptical. In my mind this label didn’t fit. I had seen those who were tired or anxious or hopeful. But never skeptical. As if our own skepticism was on display for us to see. Our own mistrust thrust right back at us telling us to look at ourselves. “This is what you look like!” One man out of over 2000 people didn’t give anything away about himself but challenged us to turn inward.

So I decided to take a look at myself. And here’s what I saw: a weirdo who can’t seem to stop writing furiously on her phone.

Thanks WordPress! 🙂
This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 topic: let the scene write itself. We were asked to observe the world for 20 minutes and either write on location or make notes for the future.


6 thoughts on “Everyone Sees Me

  1. You call yourself a weirdo, but you seem to not be confident about it. If you are going to be a weirdo, be confident about it. We are all strange in our own ways. People….they do not see the beauty that surrounds them everyday. Wouldn’t you say?

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    1. Totally agree! Beauty is all around us whether those we see are confident or not.

      Interestingly though I was trying to communicate that I didn’t care about being a weirdo but I guess that didn’t come across in my writing. That’s good feedback though. Thanks!

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  2. Have you ever noticed that everyone is saying something to the world even when they’re not?

    When i read this , i was wondering what is this about? the body language part as well inference through observation didn’t occur to me at all.
    That’s such a beautiful post.

    a weirdo who can’t seem to stop writing furiously on her phone.

    I look like that sometimes during my evening walk. Wonder why all inspiration visits me only then!


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