My Love Affair in Italy

As I’d sip on my cup of cappuccino I would tell you about my grand love affair with coffee in Italy.

20151011_095330 copy

The coffee in Toronto had left a bad taste in my mouth as if using a cheap pick up line on me. Second Cup was the one who tried anything and everything with me without having any clue that I wasn’t into its tricks. Starbucks had many wingmen but even their tact wasn’t good enough. I had been scarred and even the hottest of the coffee shops couldn’t cure me.

So I had given up like almost every girl I know my age.

Until I met the one.

The one that knew me so well. Knew my taste buds inside out. Knew what it would take to impress me. Of course that one was experienced.

I was intrigued at the very first site of it. A small unassuming cup stood before me. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just plain bare coffee amidst the chaos in the crowded coffee bar. It stood at the counter without trying to lure me in. No chairs to invite me, just some stools which wanted me to be a quick encounter. And all this had me. It asked me to come observe and explore without making fake promises.

IMG_20140623_133142 copySo I went along. Pouring sugar into this beautiful cup slowly and surely. Stirring the contents and being transfixed by the motion.

Then it was time.

The moment the cup touched my lips I knew this was going to be different. And different it was.

The rich texture of the cappuccino left me feeling warm. The foam was easing me into the bittersweet taste of the espresso. Letting me savour it bit by bit. My senses were on fire. The creamy texture soothing. The aroma intoxicating.

I was hooked. I had found the one.

That too on the busy streets of Rome and in the busiest cafes I have ever been to. But in all of that this cup stood out. I cannot forget my first time; in fact I have not forgotten. And I went back day after day to devour myself in its deliciousness.

When I returned from Italy it was with great sadness and in withdrawal. The heart was hurting but the head more. I craved that perfect cup. My dose of caffeine.

Today I wander from cafe to cafe, looking for that perfect one. Trying to recreate that perfect love affair. Searching for the one that hits the right spot.

Many have come and gone and some have come close. Some have made me forget temporarily as I relish in their own unique taste. But of course it also leaves me missing and craving the time of my life.

Over a cup of coffee that’s all I would be able tell you as I would reminisce over my first and only love affair.


This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 topic: update your readers over a cup of coffee.


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