Freedom Within

There is no greater cry

Than the cry for freedom

No greater pain

Than the pain of restraint


Free from others

Free from society

Free from ourselves

That’s all that we want


But what if we could abandon the notion of restraint

And find freedom within us

Even in the midst of being chained

What if we could be free?


It’s possible I tell you

I’ve seen it with my own eyes

Though I’ve got to fully experience it myself

I’ll leave you this memory:


Unexpected positiveness surrounded me

In the walls of the concentration camps

They shone brightly as carvings in the grim walls

The words of hope written by the prisoners of war


Let that memory be the proof

That we can be free

And if humans can do it in the most dreariest conditions of all

Then so can you and I



For Writing 101 (Poetry) I first published the poem The Knots in My Wings which I wrote many years ago. But years later, I am wiser and I have grown which is how this poem came about. Writing 101 (Poetry) topic: Freedom.


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