Creativity In Silence


Procrastination in silence fosters creativity.

But procrastination in chaos hinders it.


Creativity starts with a thought usually triggered by something or the other. Whether that is something you saw, something you read, or a simple conversation. The trigger is important. Just like these everyday prompts have become important for me.

But trigger without awareness is just a passing of the moment.

So take a pause and think once in a while. Don’t let the moment pass. Let that trigger, which you know not of, let it get absorbed. Let it sink in. Percolate.

Procrastinate in silence.

Then set the gears of your mind in motion. Let creativity boil. The water in the pot is still before it begins to boil. So shall your mind. Massage those thoughts, let the creative juices flow.

Then execute and let the world see your beauty. Allow yourself to see your own creation, your own magnificence.

But how can you do all this if you’re consumed in the chaos? Perhaps you don’t need absolute physical silence but you need to be with yourself. So that all you have experienced of life can help you create something magical. Something that is you.

Creativity happens in silence.

This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 topic: let social media inspire you.


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