Illogical Fear

It lurks around waiting to haunt me

Popping up in unexpected places

Trying to attack me


I had dreamt that it could gobble me up

In one swift motion

Making the biggest slurp


I was told that morning dreams do come true

I wish I didn’t know this

Because I’m in constant fear of becoming a stew


It’s that thing on the wall that frightens me

Always keeping an eye on my body

Why can’t it leave me be


I wish it didn’t crawl the floors

Nor patrolled the walls

I’m afraid to find it behind my doors


Why did God create the lizard?

Wish he’d make my fantasy come true instead

A world where we’d be saved by a wizard



This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 (Poetry) topic: Fallacy. I wrote this poem to show how illogical fear can be and how weird fallacies can fuel that fear.


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