A Warped Moment

Can seconds ever turn into minutes?

Yes, I have seen time stretch

Like a motion captured in a photograph

Or someone recording you in slow mode


Imagine those seconds

In which you can plan your entire fall

You know the exact route your body will take

Every stone or every tree that you’ll hit

Or that second when someone jerks you back from falling


Imagine those seconds

When two cars come so close as if driving conjointly

You can picture the directions of the sparks that would ignite

You rehearse the apology which would express how sorry you are to hurt someone else

Or that second when you swivel yourself away just in time


Imagine those seconds

When your world stops because something threatens your most precious treasure

You can see the brick falling inch by inch

You can even start to feel the grief already

Or that second when you save that life in your hands


Those are the seconds turned into minutes

Forever imprinted as a journey, not as a moment

You can remember that long stretch of time frequently

The seconds that warped your life into minutes



This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 (Poetry) topic: Seconds.


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