Who are we to punish?

Who are we to punish someone else? After all we are humans too.

Who are we to decide the fate of another? After all we can’t even do that for ourselves.

Who are we to inflict pain upon the other person? After all we can’t even manage our own pain.


Why is it that a select few have the power to decide the fate of hundreds?

How do we know we can make the right judgement for someone else?

How did we get here that we can punish a different soul?


Who has given us this authority?

Why do we have this power?

Who do we think we are?

Are we not equals?



A random rant that’s been on my mind for awhile for the daily prompt titled Punishment.


One thought on “Who are we to punish?

  1. I join you in asking the same questions. For on the off chance that people endure their kin to be poorly taught, and their behavior to be ruined from their earliest stages, and after that rebuff them for those violations to which their first training prepared them. What else is to be deduced from this except that you first make hoodlums and afterward rebuff them.Lovely post.

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