Tears of Silence

Tears of silence You make me wet every time One drop every second Slowly and slowly Echoing through the years Pulsing beat by beat Struming along with the river flow Tears of silence You make me want to scream Advertisements

one syllable lines

Sitting on one syllable lines Wondering if you’ll speak those to me These empty nights wake me up My busy mind wanting to know the answer Awaiting a storm, a roar, a clink Not the sounds I’ll hear outside That’s why I’ll just keep sitting on these one syllable lines Until you find the courage … More one syllable lines

blaming bee

You live on the surface With no depth Stop telling me these petty things Let me take a breath I can’t shake off your negativity It’s got me in a captivity Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me But I guess I just have to stop being the blaming bee

Meditation In Him

There was a serenity about him A calm coming from within As if he was the light And I was basking in his glow   In that moment, he was my meditation A rush of clarity amongst my racing thoughts   I desired to forever watch him And feel the calmness blanket over me It … More Meditation In Him

Whisper Beauty to Me

Use your words Because I want to listen Let your words reach me Because I want beauty whispered to me Let them flow like rose petals blowing in the wind Because I want to be touched with softness like a baby’s fresh cheeks