Meditation In Him

There was a serenity about him A calm coming from within As if he was the light And I was basking in his glow   In that moment, he was my meditation A rush of clarity amongst my racing thoughts   I desired to forever watch him And feel the calmness blanket over me It … More Meditation In Him

On Ignorance

Dear Mr. X, You have introduced me to the world of spirituality which has changed my life. Everyday that I meditate, I cannot help but think about its benevolent impact on you. I watch you evolve all the time; not letting things bother you. You have set an extraordinary example for me, one I try … More On Ignorance

Writer’s Block

What is writer’s block? I often wondered this question when I heard my friends majoring in the arts talk about it. They made it sound so cool though they were in distress. It seemed like the kind of distress I would welcome. One where I’d be sitting on my couch watching the snow fall to the … More Writer’s Block

Whisper Beauty to Me

Use your words Because I want to listen Let your words reach me Because I want beauty whispered to me Let them flow like rose petals blowing in the wind Because I want to be touched with softness like a baby’s fresh cheeks


Everything becomes a routine. Waking up with a bad mood. Grudgingly. Feeding yourself 3 times a day. Unknowingly. Talking about the weekend. Unconsciously. Heading to the gym. Lazily. Planning your vacation. Quarterly. Returning back home. Wearily. Spending time with family. Dispassionately. Slipping into death. Regretfully.

Life’s Pawns

It is interesting to see people come together for someone else. Someone you thought was forgotten. Someone who no longer made any sort of impact on your life. Yet when life gets shaken up and disturbed from its predetermined trajectory, you see people come together. They join in and share their disbelief at the randomness … More Life’s Pawns