I write but I am not a writer I take photos but I’m not a photographer I eat but I’m no food expert I do yoga but I’m not a yogi   I hide behind the camouflage That the society has placed on me A girl who is normal As everyone sees her to be … More Camouflage

The Living Graffiti

As I sit staring out the train I see midtones splashed across the city Only graffiti brightens it up for brief moments   As I walk down the street I see a haze of people rushing around Only graffiti pauses my life   It consumes me by its ideas Strikes me with awe by its … More The Living Graffiti

Illogical Fear

It lurks around waiting to haunt me Popping up in unexpected places Trying to attack me   I had dreamt that it could gobble me up In one swift motion Making the biggest slurp   I was told that morning dreams do come true I wish I didn’t know this Because I’m in constant fear … More Illogical Fear

Freedom Within

There is no greater cry Than the cry for freedom No greater pain Than the pain of restraint   Free from others Free from society Free from ourselves That’s all that we want   But what if we could abandon the notion of restraint And find freedom within us Even in the midst of being … More Freedom Within

A Warped Moment

Can seconds ever turn into minutes? Yes, I have seen time stretch Like a motion captured in a photograph Or someone recording you in slow mode   Imagine those seconds In which you can plan your entire fall You know the exact route your body will take Every stone or every tree that you’ll hit … More A Warped Moment


Deep within the window I see All that is surrounding me   I watch those who fill the seats Like anonymous beads sewn together   With each one’s movement Comes another’s reaction   Scene by scene The story unfolds on this dark screen   The background is the cinematography And the rhythm of my ride, … More Reflections

Magic with Words

Twist and turns were the norm in bed Turmoiled dreams were new   Nights were gone for sure But so were the days too   Anxiety filled her veins Pumping through her body like blood   She needed a miracle Or perhaps some voodoo magic   Something that would change her nights And her days … More Magic with Words