Acceptance is an act of the heart, not the mind.

Acceptance is an act of the heart, not the mind.

I read this sentence a couple of years ago and thought that it was supremely profound. Never before had I looked at “acceptance” in this way so reading such a different thought was very interesting.

However, I struggled to understand what this meant in practice. How does one accept someone else with their heart? What does it actually mean to do so? How do I will my heart to do something? Why can’t I accept things from my mind?

Today I chanced upon what it truly means to accept with the heart: when negative thoughts about another person don’t even arise in your mind. Then you have truly accepted someone with your heart. Because if you can accept someone or something in its entirety then you will not be bothered by their actions or characteristics.

If you carefully observe your relationships you will realize that there are in fact some people in your life who can do no wrong. You get along with them well, you feel like you both are so similar, and there is mostly love between you two. If you dig deeper what you’ll notice is that you have fully accepted this person and even if they have certain flaws, you can overlook them because of the deep love. Most likely you did not make a mental note to like this person, in fact it probably just happened. This “just happened” is where the heart comes into play; where the heart takes over and willingly embraces the other.

And this is what it means to accept from the heart.


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