someone somewhere built a facade

Someone somewhere took a very long time to design the facades that we ignore everyday. Walking past everything around us, too busy to get to our next destination.

So I often wonder which buildings around me have I not seen? Will I remember them if someone showed me just their facade? No, not pictures of their tall sides that I see from my window. But right at eye level. Exactly facing me if I were to stand a meter away and just stare.

Or I wonder if I’ve only seen facade of buildings in pictures. While searching a place on the map. Or pictures from an Instagram celebrity. Or perhaps through the screen of my own phone?

So what would happen if I looked at each one squarely? Just focused on the structure in front of me, taking in the colours and design. Perhaps crafting up a story in my mind about the person who designed it. What would that experience be like?

Would it help me make sense of my world a bit more? Or would it confuse me with too much information? Would it fill me with wonder? Or overwhelm me with its intensity? Will I appreciate each and everyone? Or will I dismiss those I find uninteresting?

Perhaps they are not there for me to think so deeply about them. Maybe after all, I just need to walk past them and get to my next destination.


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