Have you ever noticed how we use just a few words to describe such complex notions? Like “love”. This short four letter word can leave people feeling confused, excited, jealous and much more. But if we abandon this practice and explore the terms perhaps there is no need for confusion.

In science and math, we often say “go back to first principles”. So let’s go back.


“Father” – a person whose genes were involved in creating a person.

“Writer” – someone who writes.

“Photographer” – someone who takes photos.


When we lose these titles, we lose the expectations too. We no longer feel the need to live up to these definitions placed upon us either by ourselves or by others. Letting go of definitions helps to let go of the burden. We do not need to “act” like a Father. We do not need to “become” a writer. We won’t have to feel the need to take pictures all the time. We can just be and experience life as its complex states.

The misconception we place upon ourselves can be costly. The language we choose to define ourselves is detrimental because we cannot be defined. I am not a “foodie” but instead “I enjoy food”. I am not a “writer” but “I enjoy writing.” What we say seeps into our consciousness and our actions align the whole being into this one hole. Claustrophobia can take over and our willingness to get out greater than ever. But if we never dug this hole in the first place, there would be nothing to get out of.

So let’s go beyond just a few words. Let us become whole with expression. Let us drink deep the essence of ourselves and not be intoxicated by the shallowness of words. But beyond this, let’s soak in one another completely; overflow with each other’s company. Let us not feel compelled nor compel another to simplify themselves. Let’s just be and observe the complexities all around.


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