Your Dreams Have Come True

Somewhere in our minds we know that someone somewhere out there doesn’t have the life we do. In those moments when we can recollect this fact we feel blessed and we glow with gratitude. Perhaps it’s when we see a particular commercial on TV of suffering children. Or perhaps when a friend tells you about their hardships. Or perhaps even everyday while reading the news.

But then those moments and that glow vanishes. As quickly as it appears it takes its leave as well. As if someone who had entered the wrong washroom and realized it only after seeing it filled with another gender. Normal life resumes and you forget about this small embarrassing moment.

So what does normal life consist of?

Our own hardships. Our day to day nuisances. Small or large problems that we face everyday, no matter how luxurious our lives may be. They tangle our thoughts and emotions and leave us feeling dull. We then share this anxiety in the form of complaints. Sometimes about our job, sometimes about home life, sometimes about friends, etc.

But let’s take a moment and realize that our dreams have actually come true.

We wanted a job and we got it. We wanted a wife, kids; we’ve got that too. Social life? Check.

Yet we are complaining about how we aren’t getting the recognition we want at work. When we get home, our kids annoy us. Our husbands place demands on us. And our friends? Well they seem to be having a better life than us.

In this state of constant anxiety we are failing to see our assets. Our wealth; both monetary and nonmonetary. And the very real fact that all we ever wanted, we’ve already got! Now it’s our time to enjoy and simply cherish the dream that we are living each and everyday. Take care of our assets and have fun with them! Keep living the dream each and every moment. Because it is already here so go realize it now!


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