On Living with Hoarders

You come to a point in your life where you realize you need less and less stuff. Or you don’t.

But if you are the one with the great epiphany living with those who haven’t had it yet, it can be difficult. As I work to remove even the tiniest of things from my room, new things make their way in. As if my room doesn’t want to lose the balance between the occupancy by things and empty space. But it’s not the room of course, it’s the people.

The people who cannot imagine throwing away (or donating) a pen of which we have dozens. The people who love storage space so much that each item in the house naturally becomes one. But you know it’s gone a bit too far when you realize that 3 rooms/spaces are essentially used for storage only.

So how do you cope? How do you keep yourself from day dreaming about “redecorating”? And from not feeling claustrophobic by all the stuff around you?

Well, it’s time for the second epiphany.

And it goes something like this: being a minimalist isn’t all about just stuff. It’s about realizing that life is more than just “stuff”.

So rather than focusing on what you’re surrounded by, consider life as it is. Enjoy its moments rather than wasting those moments being annoyed. Let go of the worry about your home being a certain way and instead find the home within yourself.

When you look inward, you may realize that the craving for less possessions came from a desire to be more free. Less restrictions. Perhaps more space. Freedom from a life that feels constrained.

So don’t limit these feelings to only physical things. Take them beyond the physical and manifest them in yourself. Take the time to observe the thoughts that are constraining you and just let them go. Spring cleaning of the mind but everyday. All the time.

And that’s how you will “cope”. That’s when materialism will turn to minimalism. That’s when you will achieve true freedom. Freedom from your surroundings and from all the things in it. So let’s not get bothered by our lovely hoarders, instead let’s be free from those feelings and enjoy life as it is.


P.S. I’m not saying become a hoarder yourself 🙂


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