An Open Letter To Dads

To the Dads of this world,

Your precious little girl is eventually going to grow up and make room for herself in this world. Treat her no different than yourself, no different than your son, no different from anybody else. Because a world where she can grow up without recognizing gender is what we’re all striving here for.

But do the same with your boys too.

If you don’t treat your precious little ones differently then they won’t even know there is a difference to be aware of, because there isn’t.

Same goes for your female partners. Set an example that they are your equals and the children won’t know any different. Stand with her, support her, encourage her, take her side when necessary. Show your precious ones that mom and dad are both the same (unless of course one of you is going to be the strict one 🙂 ).

But dads, it’s going to come down on you. Because the privileged need to stand for the underprivileged until we are all the same height. Because that little one is looking up to you at every moment and observing how you are treating others, including women. So make sure she doesn’t see a change in attitude when it comes to women. Make sure she sees you treating everybody equally and the world will be equal to her.

Take it from me, because I have had that privilege to not be able to see gender differences. Not ever questioning whether I can do something because I am a female has been a gift from my parents. But this shouldn’t be a gift, it should be a right. A right to see a level playing field for all. A right to be who you are free from stereotypes. A right to embrace everyone as they are.

As John Mayer would say:

Fathers, be good to your daughters

Daughters will love like you do

— Daddy’s little girl

Disclaimer: I’m a huge John Mayer fan.


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