Random Oddity

That moment where I am in the presence of the sun. The moments where we share the same space. I want every second of that experience to slow down. To be able to feel each millisecond held in the thousands. I want to live with the sun, like it does forever. Feel my obsession for it in my every breath. I want to become one with the sun so let my time with it slow down.

But speed up the nights because I don’t have that same connection with the moon. It remains at a cold distance, giving me the shivers. It doesn’t love me and I don’t love it back. The only thing it has going for itself is the sun’s reflection on the waters of earth. Yes, I may be making enemies of vampires and bats but who cares when I’d have Superman on my side. Superman who would be able to fight more fights in the longer days and save our planet from blanketing in the misery of the moon.


This random post is to show my obsession with the sun and in response to the daily post titled Pace Oddity.


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