On Ignorance

Dear Mr. X,

You have introduced me to the world of spirituality which has changed my life. Everyday that I meditate, I cannot help but think about its benevolent impact on you. I watch you evolve all the time; not letting things bother you. You have set an extraordinary example for me, one I try to emulate each and everyday. One which involves admiring you in the moments of hardship and conflict. Saying that I’m indebted to you would be an insult to your teachings but I am truly grateful of your presence and influence in my life.

This is precisely why I was astonished the other day when I realized that despite all your wisdom, you remain ignorant. Unaware of the hardships of others. Oblivious to the impact this society has on each one of us. Blind to the sufferings of those less fortunate. Unfamiliar of the misery of those with everything. Of course, I am exaggerating a little bit here for the sake of rhetoric but I am not completely far from this reality.

Sure there are people who use their situation as an excuse, I did too. You taught me how not to do so but not everyone is as privileged as me. Moreover, the fact that they make excuses is not the topic of debate here. It is about understanding that they are suffering, whatever the reason may be. It is about acknowledging that not everyone has the comforts that you or I do. What they make of their situation is up to them. To be compassionate, it up to us.

I expected you out of all the people I know to be able to have this kind of perspective. You, who has gone through more hardships that I can only imagine. You, who has overcome the odds that were stacked against you. You, who has found the peace among the chaos through spirituality and discipline.

But as I have been thinking about this more and more, I realize that this is precisely what has left you so ignorant. In a way, it is very big of you to think that everyone has the capacity to achieve what you have achieved. That if they only meditated, they would find the courage to devoid themselves of misery. But my friend, you must understand. No matter what you and I know of the benefits of leading a life this way, the other doesn’t. The other still maybe suffering and it’s not up to us to pronounce judgement of whether they are or not. It is not up to us to determine whether they are right or wrong in their complaints about life.

I know that you know this somewhere deep inside so I ask that you meditate on this. Realize that compassion for others is trying to understand their reality even though we might think otherwise. Don’t just observe life as it is, observe its people too. Dig deep into their feelings and take away an understanding of their state of mind. That is all.

Your forever disciple,



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