Writer’s Block

What is writer’s block?

I often wondered this question when I heard my friends majoring in the arts talk about it. They made it sound so cool though they were in distress. It seemed like the kind of distress I would welcome. One where I’d be sitting on my couch watching the snow fall to the ground. Following the path of one snowflake until it became one with the rest. Sipping on a warm cup of coffee, I would wait for inspiration. A weird calm would be there in this time of distress. In it I would feel special and misunderstood but still waiting for that fleeting moment where it would come. An idea.

Of course this serene fantasy has remained in my thoughts. I could perhaps bring it to reality but I would need snow for that. I could pose as a calm human being deep in thought but I don’t think it would hit me. The idea.

Since I have begun to write this blog, I have realized the true meaning of writer’s block. We don’t all look like we’re in some book or movie. In fact, the distress is just like anyone else in distress. We rack our brains to work. Work dammit! Give me an idea! A thought, perhaps. But usually there’s no point to this bullying of our mind. It has a mind of it’s own.

What we can do is work with our mind. Instead of pushing it and scolding it, we can love it. We can give it the space it needs to breathe and to create. Let is pause throughout the day. Let it observe life itself. Something is bound to happen. Whether that is a short 4 line poem or a 500 word post.

So that’s what writer’s block is, at least for me. When we get caught up in the flow of our day to day and fail to consciously observe each moment. We get so busy that even when the idea is coming, we choose the immediate activity that we need to get done. And as we all know, that idea ain’t coming back. So when we get stuck in this routine our brain gets clogged and packed with so much that it no longer has the room for inspiration. We literally get blocked by our brain which doesn’t have the capacity to think while in the midst of helping you be busy.

That’s been me over the past couple of days. Too much going on and not enough pause in the day. Too worried about the next deadline and not paying enough attention to the present. Miraculously, today I found, no I TOOK, the time to listen to my thoughts and let them come out in words.


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I completely agree. Although, sometimes, and this is very odd, I find that when I have a massive deadline to hand in all my creative juices flow freely and I can tap away at anything other than the work I need to be handing in! Do you ever experience that?
    I’m pleased you managed to find your calm and let your creativity flow. This was an enjoyable read!


    1. Thanks 🙂

      And I agree, sometimes when I don’t want to do something then my mind often wanders to something else but so far it hasn’t really gone to writing as much. Perhaps because I end up on Facebook most of the time haha 🙂

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