Life’s Pawns

It is interesting to see people come together for someone else. Someone you thought was forgotten. Someone who no longer made any sort of impact on your life.

Yet when life gets shaken up and disturbed from its predetermined trajectory, you see people come together. They join in and share their disbelief at the randomness of life. Its unfairness. The way it can leave a hole in your and their life; one that you didn’t think could have been possible.

They feel helpless because they cannot do anything to change life’s course. They begin to feel regret for the things that happened. The things they didn’t do or say. Or perhaps the things they did say. Life just leaves them with memories and a deep feeling of being crippled. It decides for them without giving them a chance at a choice. It tells them that life is the winner and reminds them that they are just its pawns.


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