2014 was the first time I ever made a new year’s resolution. I was bored and all the media outlets were talking about how to make resolutions that you could keep. I didn’t read any of those articles but the idea of goals piqued my interest while I was being bored.

So I decided to write some things down. Here’s what I wrote:
1. Eliminate chocolate
2. Become more vulnerable
3. Become more disciplined
4. Become more active
5. Read more

Of course I couldn’t achieve the first one and in fact it seems that it only got worse in 2015. Seems like I’ve become quite a sugar addict. Read my post about it here.

However, all the other ones I achieved. I found it quite liberating that I didn’t have an exact milestone to achieve. I just wanted to be slightly better than I was in 2014. The surprise was how much I had surpassed my own expectations. I didn’t expect to become such an avid reader after not reading for many years. Nor did I expect to become so active and disciplined about my workouts. And of course, I never imagined that I would put my vulnerable self out there through this blog.

What was the key to achieving all these things? The biggest was to not have expectations and not “worry” about them. Just try. Not to mention, having the list as my phone wallpaper helped the most :).

2016 definitely has a list with specific goals and I’m going to see how it turns out.



Day 2 – 365 Days of Writing prompt: Resolved

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?


3 thoughts on “Resolved

  1. I have success when I make vague resolutions like “I’m going to try to learn to cook” or “Go to the library more.” I haven’t had much success with quantifiable resolutions like making myself an afghan or sending birthday cards. This year I’m going to try to make monthly resolutions for things I’d like to do. For instance, I’m focusing on exploring my femininity in January and will try to do some major purging in March, etc. 🙂

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