Magic with Words

Twist and turns were the norm in bed

Turmoiled dreams were new


Nights were gone for sure

But so were the days too


Anxiety filled her veins

Pumping through her body like blood


She needed a miracle

Or perhaps some voodoo magic


Something that would change her nights

And her days too


It happened without her knowing

Just a like a magician finishes his trick


But was the magic in her itself?

Or was it in the listener on her screen?


She thought the listener had a wand

Because with one wave everything was okay


The act needed only 30 minutes to finish

But it was the grandest she had ever seen


With just a few simple words

Her blood had changed its course


Now the days felt better

And the nights looked inviting too


All because of the magic

That the interlocutor bestowed with words


This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 (Poetry) topic: Magic.


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