Tamasha: A Review


Let’s get the obvious out of the way: of course the acting was impeccable (we don’t even expect any less from them) and of course a new topic in Bollywood was refreshing and of course A R Rahman’s composition fit the film like a glove. None of these can be taken away from the movie. Yet something just didn’t fit. You’d think that the combination of Imtiaz Ali, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, and A R Rahman couldn’t go wrong, but it did.

The most basic flaw in the entire movie was that the storytelling just wasn’t up to par. The message was simple, follow your heart, but for some reason we were taken on a winding journey that really didn’t feel necessary. What happened to Imtiaz Ali’s simplicity? Did he think that the actors couldn’t display the necessary emotions that he came up with such a convoluted sequence of scenes?

Remember Jab We Met? A simple chronological story to send a simple message. I’m not saying that flashbacks or cuts in the story suck. In fact, it was so beautifully done in Love Aaj Kal. But I think it was just not needed in this movie. The movie was so choppy and jumpy that we really didn’t have time to connect with the character in the moment. Emotions and the story were fragmented. Thus we couldn’t sympathize with the character except from our own experience of the real world. Ranbir Kapoor in front of the mirror just didn’t have the same impact as Priyanka Chopra did near the end in Fashion.

I felt as if I just couldn’t absorb any single scene. Sure Corsica was beautiful but the film didn’t give me a chance to bathe in its beauty. Perhaps because the entire Corsica screen time was drenched in music and dance. So despite how beautiful the cinematography could have been, it was ruined by all the motion in the film like the film itself had some sort of FOMO. Did it not learn anything from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani?

Yet despite the fact that the story about telling stories sucked at telling its own story, kudos to Imtiaz Ali for choosing such a relevant subject. Thank you for speaking to today’s generation who most likely could be product managers in today’s day. And thank you for saving us from watching the same Bollywood story again.


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