My Favourite Lines

For Day 19, I decided to showcase some of my favourite lines from bloggers I follow:


Quarter Life Crisis:

“Lately I’ve been blanking out a lot.”


You are More Valuable than Many Sparrows:

“if someone did say something nice to me I always felt like it had a use-by-date”


Winter Daydream:

“Pine needles and crumpled up leaves are the new layer of floorboards.”


Quantico and the pilot problem:

“Quantico is like a shaggy dog story that repeatedly tells us the punchline before the joke is even finished, out of fear that we’ll stop listening before it’s over.”


The Perfect Lunchbox:

“The way they look forward to seeing the surprise in their lunchboxes is what fuels my fire!”



This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 topic: feature a guest.


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