Mining in the Non-Physical

As miner of my own writing

I wouldn’t find treasures in my drafts

I wouldn’t even find them in my diary


For all the best pieces have been written

Formed into as perfect a mold as I could make of it

No longer leaving it as fragmented thoughts


But there is one place where I could perhaps find something of value

It happens to take place in the wee hours of the night

In the non-physical world


The only place where fragmented thoughts form a story

Where the disjointed pieces of my life are stitched together by some weird thread

Where the subconscious and conscious bend reality


As a miner of inspiration

I do not need a flashlight, nor a hardhat

For I cannot be hurt in this world nor can I die


This world of dreams only leaves me in turmoil when I remember it

Making me ponder of its meaning

Arousing in me a need to write its story



This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 topic: mine your own material. The task was to find inspiration in your abandoned posts or perhaps something you have written previously. I found inspiration in the dreams that I had written down a while ago. I have decided to form them into little posts and stories for the future but for this assignment I really just wanted to write this poem.


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