Tiny World Unseen

Macros – it gives us the opportunity to examine something up close. Something which our eyes may not be able to focus on but our lenses can. It allows us to appreciate the beauty we cannot see or otherwise would not have seen. Each tiny thing containing its own story, it’s own beauty.

Like the frost on fruits.

Or how the hair perfectly settles in the contours of our bodies.

Or the naturally occurring crevices that give us inspiration for architecture.

Or how all the imperfections together make something so beautiful. We forget this about ourselves.

It gives us the opportunity to observe the emotions in someone else and to understand.

In school I was taught about entropy as the measure of disorder but macros allows me to find beauty in it.

And the tools that help us do this are beautiful too.

As are we.

What would happen if we began to do this to everything in our lives?

This post is written for WordPress’ Writing 101 topic: a story in a single image.

P.S. I wasn’t able to think of anything from just one picture. So I decided to do the assignment like this when I realized my attention being drawn to many photos on Unsplash (last one is mine). Also, I randomly came across a very fitting quote the other day: “If you truly love nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere.” – Van Gogh.

If you want to check out my other photos, here’s the link: https://instagram.com/prachymohan/.


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